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Written by April Van Hoose   
Saturday, 17 May 2008

*Set Goals- Write down your goal you want to achieve and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to reach it

*Personal Trainer- If you are new to Fitness or just need some new ideas or support a personal trainer can help you along the way

*Make Plans- don’t just go into the gym without a plan set up your workout plans at least a week ahead of time

*Change your workout- Never do the same workout! Change your reps, weight, or exercises every time you train

*Boost Metabolism-Lifting weights helps to boost your metabolism

*Lift Heavy- Don’t be afraid to lift heavy (even ladies) work your way up slowly, but make sure you really feel   the last 2-3 reps

*Correct Form- Make sure you are using correct form and focus on contracting the muscle you are working

Working out can mean a variety of different things.  You can find many ways to get in extra exercise by lifting weights, doing cardio, playing sports, going for a hike or just swimming with the kids.  There are so many exercises or different ways to train so change things up and have fun while getting the body of your dreams.   


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