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Written by April Van Hoose   
Saturday, 17 May 2008
Thank you for visiting my website!                  

          My passion for fitness began only a few short years ago when I made it a goal of mine to be in the best shape of my life by the age of 30. Though I had always looked at women in fitness magazines as being strong, beautiful, and fit, their level of physique was seemingly unattainable. I never imagined that after having kids, one could still achieve a “Fit Physique”.                    

          It wasn’t long after making a commitment to weight training, however, that I started seeing results. From that point on, it was like a fire had been lit! I read everything fitness-related I could get my hands on and soaked up advice and information from whomever could offer it.  Soon, through education from trainers and classes, I learned the right combination of diet and exercise to achieve the look I wanted! The journey has not been easy – nor is it over, but I have enjoyed every minute and cannot wait to move forward on the many goals I have yet to accomplish.                  

          It has been an amazing ride so far, and most amazing of all are the many people in and out of the Fitness Industry who inspire me daily. I am so proud of the lives I have touched, as well.  My new “fit lifestyle” has had such a positive effect on myself, my children, family, and friends that I cannot help but believe I have found my true purpose in life!

  My greatest accomplishments so far are not the trophies I have received, but the goals that I have completed.  It is not about winning for me, it is the journey of living a healthy lifestyle,  making my dreams a reality and inspiring others to do them same.  These are some of the awards I have received along my Fitness journey:

2007- Monster Mash 2nd Place Novice

2008-Monster Mash 3rd Class D

2009-KY Bluegrass Muscle Classic 1st Class D

2009-Las Vegas Classic 5th Class D

2010- Tracey Greenwood Philadelphia Classic 4th Fitness

2010- Tri-Fitness 1st in Tall age 30-35 Fitness skills (box jumps, shuttle runs, bench press combined score)

2011-NPC Great Lakes 3rd Fitness   


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